About lindsey

My camera is an extension of who I am. I love to draw attention and beauty to things that go unnoticed or are deemed unworthy. 

I feel a deep pull towards areas of oppression to be a messenger and extension of truth, love, mercy and hope amidst the darkness of hopelessness and fear. It's my desire to be an advocate of carrying the voices of the oppressed, representing the truth to world - a truth that once seen and heard, one cannot deny knowing. As much as is possible, it is my hope that there would be a stirring in people to arise and move towards a posture of helping those in need. I also wish to reveal that healing, hope, forgiveness and reconciliation are real and possible.

I'm a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ... may His heart and glory be known and felt through the photos I capture. He is the One True and Only Source. 

It is my passion to always grow and learn in the gifting's I have been given. I am beyond thankful for and humbled by the opportunities that open up to me, the places I am able to go, and my brother's and sister's across the world I am blessed to connect and work with. 


I am forever a kid-at-heart.

"Not all those who wander are lost."

Every time I see an airplane in the sky, I wonder where it is going and wish I was on it.

Less is more.

My daily goal:

It is my daily desire and goal to lay down my selfishness and walk in the light of my faith, so that the Spirit of God could shine and precisely minister to what those around me are needing in the depths of their soul and spirit. All that requires is being available and eager to let go of my agenda.


My family and friends, meeting new people, big dogs, the tropical Pacific ocean, music, antique shopping, traveling, swimming, deep conversations, sunshine, kombucha tea, adventures, praying, the smell of fire in the air, summer, layering, hip-hop dance, chips/salsa/guacamole, talking to strangers, musical instruments, movies, drawing, thunderstorms, creating & building things, college football, scuba diving, laughing... and living everyday passionately and full of love in the legacy of my brother, Chandler, as "This is the best day of my life!".